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Color negatives

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Photographic negatives that record on a single base the hue and lightness of a scene in values that are complementary in relation to the scene's actual perceived values; e.g., light blue is recorded as dark yellow. See "color separation negatives" for images in which each color is recorded on a physically separate negative.

Found in 4249 Collections and/or Records:

Accounting Awards Banquet, 1978-04-21

 File — Box GPHR Color 006, Folder: co/0267
Identifier: GPHR co/0267

Accounting Group Mendoza College, 2003-02-28

 File — Box GPHR Color 107, Folder: co/3329
Identifier: GPHR co/3329

ACE 10 Year Reunion, 2003-07-21

 File — Box GPHR Color 108, Folder: co/3390
Identifier: GPHR co/3390

ACE 2003 Group Photo, 2003-07-21

 File — Box GPHR Color 108, Folder: co/3389
Identifier: GPHR co/3389

ACE Commencement Graduation group, 1998-08-03

 File — Box GPHR Color 075, Folder: co/2413
Identifier: GPHR co/2413

ACE Group in Stadium, 1995-10-01

 File — Box GPHR Color 064, Folder: co/1985
Identifier: GPHR co/1985

ACE Group Photo, 2002-07-28

 File — Box GPHR Color 105, Folder: co/3250
Identifier: GPHR co/3250

ACE Group Shot, 1997-07-01

 File — Box GPHR Color 071, Folder: co/2265
Identifier: GPHR co/2265

ACE - Group Shot, 2001-07-16

 File — Box GPHR Color 099, Folder: co/3030
Identifier: GPHR co/3030

ACE Mass, 2002-07-26

 File — Box GPHR Color 105, Folder: co/3252
Identifier: GPHR co/3252

ACE Mass - Cardinal O'Connor, 1998-08-03

 File — Box GPHR Color 075, Folder: co/2411
Identifier: GPHR co/2411

ACE Sendoff, 1994

 File — Box GPHR Color 059, Folder: co/1746
Identifier: GPHR co/1746

ACE Sendoff, 1994 July

 File — Box GPHR Color 059, Folder: co/1765
Identifier: GPHR co/1765

ACE Students in Classroom, 1994

 File — Box GPHR Color 059, Folder: co/1764
Identifier: GPHR co/1764

Actor's of the London Stage, 2001-02-20

 File — Box GPHR Color 095, Folder: co/2965
Identifier: GPHR co/2965

Administration Main Building, circa 1968

 File — Box GPHR Color 001, Folder: co/0088-0094
Identifier: GPHR co/0088-0094

Administration Main Building Dedication, 1999-08-24

 File — Box GPHR Color 083, Folder: co/2624
Identifier: GPHR co/2624

Advisory Council Engineering, 1982-10-15

 File — Box GPHR Color 015, Folder: co/0449
Identifier: GPHR co/0449

Aerials - Notre Dame Campus, 1978-10-17

 File — Box GPHR Color 007, Folder: co/0288
Identifier: GPHR co/0288

Aerials of Campus from Blimp, 1968 September

 File — Box GPHR Color 001, Folder: co/0001-0009
Identifier: GPHR co/0001-0009

Aerials of Campus Transparency, 1982?-

 File — Box GPHR Color 013, Folder: co/0418
Identifier: GPHR co/0418