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Box 2


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Huebler, Douglas: Comic Strip, 1984, undated

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 90
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-89
Scope and Contents Includes photocopies of Crocodile Tears.
Dates: 1984, undated

Huebler, Douglas: Notes and Writings, 1971-1991

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 91
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-90
Scope and Contents Includes typewritten copies of notes escribing Huebler's screenplay Crocodile Tears and photographic project Variable Piece #70.
Dates: 1971-1991

Huebler, Douglas: Conference Notes, 1973, undated

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 92
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-91
Scope and Contents Includes copies of Robert C. Morgan's notes from "Scienart of the Future," a conference at the Cambridge Research Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1973 January 17. With a schedule for the event and a letter from Huebler to Morgan, many years later, after Morgan sent him a copy of his notes.
Dates: 1973, undated

Huebler, Douglas: Exhibition Review, 1983

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 93
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-92
Scope and Contents Typewritten and corrected drafts of Robert C. Morgan's review of Douglas Huebler's exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery, 5 March 1983-26 March 1983.
Dates: 1983

Huebler, Douglas: Essay and Press Release, 1994-1996

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 94
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-93
Scope and Contents Typewritten copy of essay by Mike Kelley, "Origine et Destination." Huebler sent a copy of this essay to "a few people" with a coversheet that explained why he was sending it: "I am doing so because it reveals how a younger generation of artists have regarded my work over the years and in terms that I have found most illuminating. Also includes a press release for Heubler's exhibition at Palaise des Beaux-Arts de Brussels, 8 September 1994-16 October 1994.
Dates: 1994-1996

Hughes, Robert: Assorted, 1972, undated

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 96
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-95
Scope and Contents Includes a copy of "The Decline and Fall of the Avante-Garde" in Time magazine, 18 December 1972.
Dates: 1972, undated

Kaprow, Allan: Printed Ephemera, 1979

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 99
Identifier: MSN/MN 9206-98
Scope and Contents While teaching at Wichita State University, Robert C. Morgan organized a retrospective of Kaprow's work at the Ulrich Museum of Art. A residency from 1979 April 7, surrounded the retrospective.
Dates: 1979