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Box 14


Contains 57 Results:

Photographs. Elisabeth Markstein's maternal grandparents, undated

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1418
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1418)
Scope and Contents One photo of Samuel Oppenheim is taken from a Berlin newspaper.
Dates: undated

Photographs. Ernst Oppenheim, Johann and Hilde Koplenig with their son Ernst, 1924, 1950s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1421
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1421)
Scope and Contents In the family photo behind Ernst Koplenig is his uncle, Ernst Oppenheim.
Dates: 1924, 1950s

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig and family, 1930s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1422
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1422)
Scope and Contents One photo shows Johann and Hilde on the way to Jadersdorf (ca. 1930). Other photos show Elisabeth Koplenig with her grandmother, Helene Oppenheim, on the coast near Calais (1939) and Elisabeth in winter on the Adriatic near Dubrovnik (1939).
Dates: 1930s

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig at a dacha near Moscow, 1937

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1423
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1423)
Scope and Contents Many of the photos show Lisa Koplenig with her friend Ira Khoroshaeva. One of the photos show the two girls with their mothers.
Dates: 1937

Photograph. Elisabeth Koplenig at Evpatoriia, 1941 June 9

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1424
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1424)
Scope and Contents Evpatoriia is in the Crimea; the photo is inscribed to Elisabeth from Liubov Nikolaevna.
Dates: 1941 June 9

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig at Zakharino, 1942-1943

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1425
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1425)
Scope and Contents Elisabeth and some of her family were evacuated from Moscow to Zakharino during the war.
Dates: 1942-1943

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig, 1940s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1426
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1426)
Scope and Contents One photo shows Elisabeth in a pasture between Gitschtal and Weissensee near Jadersdorf in Austria (1946).
Dates: 1940s

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig, family, and friends, 1940s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1427
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1427)
Scope and Contents Three of the photos are family photos, while the other two show Lisa and Ira Koroshaeva near Vienna in 1946.
Dates: 1940s

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig with her Russian classmates, 1945

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1428
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1428)
Scope and Contents Elisabeth graduated from high school in the Soviet Union; the back of the one photo is signed by many of her classmates.
Dates: 1945

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig and her brother Ernst, 1940s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1429
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1429)
Scope and Contents One of the photos shows Elisabeth and Ernst on the balcony of the Hotel Lux in Moscow in May, 1945.
Dates: 1940s

Photographs. Ernst Koplenig with parents, circa 1945

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1430
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1430)
Scope and Contents The photo of Ernst with his teddy bear was also taken on the balcony of the Lux in Moscow.
Dates: circa 1945

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig as interpreter, 1946

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1431
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1431)
Scope and Contents Photos show the first time Elisabeth was employed as an interpreter; see Moskau ist viel schöner als Paris.
Dates: 1946

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig and her Russian classmates at Moscow State U., 1948

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1432
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1432)
Scope and Contents Two large class photos, one inscribed, and one smaller photo inscribed by "Verka."
Dates: 1948

Photographs. Nadezhda Mirova and friends, circa 1948

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1433
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1433)
Scope and Contents Nadezhda and her family became Elisabeth's lifelong friends; the group photo at Red Square was taken in May, 1948.
Dates: circa 1948

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig, 1940s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1434
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1434)
Scope and Contents The back of the photo of Lisa with the bicycle indicates it was taken at Kuntsevo near Moscow in the summer of 1943 or 1944
Dates: 1940s

Photographs. Elisabeth Koplenig with Austrian youth group, 1949

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1435
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1435)
Scope and Contents The back of one photo indicates it was taken at the World Youth Festival in Budapest.
Dates: 1949

Photographs. Johann Koplenig, 1940s-1950s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1436
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1436)
Scope and Contents After the Red Army took Vienna, Koplenig returned in April of 1945 and served as the vice-chancellor of the provisional government.
Dates: 1940s-1950s

Photographs. Elisabeth and Heinz Markstein with daughters, 1950s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1440
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1440)
Scope and Contents Elisabeth married Heinz Markstein in 1952. Barbara was born in 1953 and Catherine in 1955.
Dates: 1950s

Photographs. Elisabeth Markstein teaching, 1954

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1443
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1443)
Scope and Contents Inscription on the back of the large classroom photo (18 x 13 cm.) indicates that Markstein is teaching a Russian literature class.
Dates: 1954

Photograph. Elisabeth Markstein and family, 1957

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1445
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1445)
Scope and Contents Inscription indicates that the locale is Jadersdorf (Austria).
Dates: 1957

Photographs. Elisabeth Markstein and Nadezhda Mirova, circa 1950s-1960s

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1447
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-1447)
Scope and Contents Several of the photos feature Heinz Markstein along with Elisabeth and Nadezhda.
Dates: circa 1950s-1960s