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Letters. Dmitri Dobrodeev to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1989

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 305
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-305)
Scope and Contents

Dmitri Borisovich Dobrodeev (b. 1950) is a Russian author.

Dates: 1989

Correspondence. Dmitri Dobrodeev with Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1991

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 306
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-306)
Scope and Contents

The enclosure is a letter addressed by Markstein to the editor, Johann Tammen.

Dates: 1991

Correspondence. Dmitri Dobrodeev with Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, undated

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 309
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-309)
Scope and Contents

The enclosures consist of an agreement between Dobrodeev and his literary agent as well as a publisher's letter in reference to Dobrodeev.

Dates: undated

Correspondence. Yuri Druzhnikov, Davis, CA, with Elisabeth Markstein, 1988-1990

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 314
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-314)
Scope and Contents

Yuri Ilyich Druzhnikov (1933-2008) was primarily a Russian author and professor.

Dates: 1988-1990

Letter. Claude Durand, Paris, to Elisabeth Markstein, Austin, TX, 1976 February 23

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 315
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-315)
Scope and Contents

Claude Durand (b. 1938) is a French publisher and translator.

Dates: 1976 February 23

Letter. Ellinor Düsterhöft, Berlin, to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1991-1993

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 316
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-316)
Scope and Contents

Ellinor Düsterhöft is a German publisher and translator; the cards are Christmas and new year's greetings.

Dates: 1991-1993

Correspondence. Wolfgang Eichwede, Bremen, to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1983-1984

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 317
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-317)
Scope and Contents

Wolfgang Eichwede (b. 1942) is a German historian and the founding director of the Research Center for Eastern Europe at the U. of Bremen.

Dates: 1983-1984

Correspondence. Karl Eimermacher, Bochum (Germany), to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1979-1980

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 319
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-319)
Scope and Contents

Karl Eimermacher (b. 1938) is a professor of Slavic studies; enclosure is a letter (TLS) from Eimermacher to Professor Gerhard Birkfellner.

Dates: 1979-1980

Letters. Giulio Einaudi Editore, Turin (Italy), to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1978-1981

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 319A
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-319A)
Scope and Contents

Einaudi is an Italian publishing house.

Dates: 1978-1981

Correspondence. Christine Engel, Innsbruck, Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1981-2001

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 322
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-322)
Scope and Contents

Christine Engel (b. 1946) is a professor of Slavic studies and comparative literature.

Dates: 1981-2001

Letter. Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, to Hans Enzensberger, Munich, 1985 March 1

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 323
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-323)
Scope and Contents

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1946) is a German author, poet, translator, and editor.

Dates: 1985 March 1

Letters. Claudia Erdheim to Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1999-2002

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 325
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-325)
Scope and Contents

Claudia Erdheim (b. 1945) is an Austrian writer.

Dates: 1999-2002

Correspondence. Ivan Esaulov, Moscow, with Elisabeth Markstein, Vienna, 1992-1993

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 326
Identifier: (MSE/REE 0017-326)
Scope and Contents

Ivan Andreevich Esaulov (b. 1960) is a Russian philologist; enclosure is an abstract from an international conference.

Dates: 1992-1993