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"A New Song Called the Queen of Love"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7317c59b-812e-4b2c-a320-84162e0a41a0

"A New Song Called the Rake of Rathkeal"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 04faf744-711d-4f9d-a2df-d478c866abae

"A New Song Called the Red Haired Man's Wife"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2243097e-f018-4e83-b87c-eb7d89787c4c

"A New Song Called the Sewing Machine"

 Digital Record
Identifier: de53c6dd-e75c-4bec-a6c6-4a92bce229b3

"A New Song Called the Three Huntsmen's Tragedy"

 Digital Record
Identifier: cd584894-4ef5-4c11-b6ba-8cffeae97f25

"A New Song Called the Wedding Afternoon"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 050c9559-1b0a-45b2-b162-7ff2f65c690f

"A New Song Called the Wonders of the World"

 Digital Record
Identifier: c71d9fad-e53c-4b7d-943b-9869a379c9ef

"A New Song Called the Young Man in Search of his Sister"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5a139f4f-eeca-4779-9c35-9653fd7368bf

"A New Song Called Willy Leonard"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6286b926-b365-4fb3-98cc-e8217a12592a

"A New Song Called Wire In and Get Your Tea Pot"

 Digital Record
Identifier: ab52a2e0-1069-4b4c-8f80-05250011e80a

"A New Song, Erin, To its Own Tune"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 21703daa-7867-43fa-89ce-a672626fc87b

"A New Song in Praise of Gort-Town by Michael Shanahan"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 21c093c5-2234-45a4-a0c5-d95a9c0de910

"A New Song in Praise of The Catholic Church of Kantur"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2335025b-ca8e-440a-b636-c151d0d8dd79

"A new Song on 18s. A-Week"

 Digital Record
Identifier: ed96b671-4bad-42a6-b000-079888fa8e58

"A New Song on Lucky Elopement"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4b72d9f7-e875-424d-aa98-4c38af1061c0

"A New Song on the Afghan War"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 21c6637c-34d9-4c7a-a52c-54804847c516

"A New Song on the American Beef and Austalian Mutton"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 00d571e4-6768-454d-85df-274643850645

"A New Song on the Beauties of the County Wicklow"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9fb0a68f-24e2-4e91-b147-a27506a4e5de

"A New Song on the Curragh Murder"

 Digital Record
Identifier: b5534e3d-98d2-4078-9933-61ccc4a7cefb

"A New Song on the Drunken Act"

 Digital Record
Identifier: af1fd2e1-b6c7-46f3-ace4-a84f83e7f688

"A New Song on the Farmer's Tenant-Right"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 704db541-710f-4ad1-af00-02243c5781ec

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