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Congregation of Holy Cross. Indiana Province Records

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Lists of members with names and dates of the community's deceased, of members taking the habit, and of members making religious profession; a general census of the University of Notre Dame; minute books from meetings of the Local Council (1842-1925), the Provincial Council, and the annual Provincial Chapter (1857-1945); minute books from other local organizations such as the Council of Brothers, the Council of Trades, the Council of Professors, and the Council of the Prefects of Discipline; journals of Brother Gatian; chronicles of the University of Notre Dame by its founder, Edward Sorin, CSC, 1841- 1880; a list of donors and subscribers to the Annals of Our Lady of Lourdes; and a book containing copies of letters of petition to Father Sorin.


Yearly chronicles recording the history of the University of Notre Dame and the community at Notre Dame.

51. CHRONICLES OF NOTRE DAME DU LAC, 1841-68, 527 pages, reel 1 (#133-218).

Chronicles (history) of Notre Dame du Lac, written by Father Sorin, 1841-1868, with each chapter dealing with a certain subject or year. Included are mentions of the formation of the college and farm, Fr. Badin's pension and similar matters. An appendix is included which lists dependencies of the Notre Dame community and the cities in which the Holy Cross Fathers had houses and schools. Twenty-three pages of "Additions or Reminiscences" added in 1880 are included at the very end. A transcribed version of "Sorin's Chronicles" is also available in the University Archives.


Records of occurances at Notre Dame with entries every several days written by Brother Gatian for reference in the composition of the First Council Chronicle book. A transcription follows the original manuscript.

II. REGISTERS, 1822-1902.

Registers containing lists relating to admission to the order and detailing the names and other personal information concerning CSC members.

5. TAKING OF THE HABIT, 15 April 1857 - 26 August 1873, reel 1 (#029-038), 62 pages; 1. TAKING OF THE HABIT, 19 October 1874 - 19 March 1902, pages 1-73, reel 1 (#001-011).

Chronological lists of those taking the habit, including their name, date and place of birth, and names of parents. Entries grouped chronologically, under a dated statement, roughly every two months and later (in the 1890's) every six months.

6. ADMISSIONS TO THE RELIGIOUS PROFESSION, 24 August 1859 - 5 September 1873, reel 1 (#039-042), 22 pages; 2. ADMISSIONS TO THE RELIGIOUS PROFESSION, 19 September 1873 - 19 March 1902, reel 1 (#012-018), pages 75-115.

Lists of persons admitted to the religious profession of the Order of the Holy Cross on a certain date. Group entries under a dated statement come chronologically roughly every six to nine months. Misplaced entries appear at the end of the book.

4. INTEROGATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE HOLY CROSS ORDER, 6 March 1849 - 2 April 1855, reel 1 (#021-028), 49 pages.

Questions in Latin put to candidates on the left pages and their reponses on the right pages. Responses appear in latin, French, or English. One page evaluations of the candidates' responses are also included.


Register of the members of the Holy Cross House, listed chronologically by date of entrance into religious life, including place and date of birth, parent's occupation, profession upon entering the order, date of entrance into the order, date of taking the habit, date of profession, how employed, date of departure, and observations of character. An 1872 list offers name, religious name, money brought, benefit, and notes at the end of book on life at the noviate, including notations on clothing and food.

11. MATRICULATION BOOK, 1845-1856, reel 1 (#060-076).

Chronological list of members based on date of entrance into the order. Includes name, whether or not professed, arrival and departure, and extended inventory of personal possessions, including subject's name, age, place of birth, date of arrival and departure, and funds deposited. The book begins with a "List of the Members Who Joined the Institution Before We had a Regular Book".

12. MATRICULE GENERAL, [births dated at] 1797-1901, reel 1 (#076-085).

Lists of members by date of entrance into the order. Includes name, place and date of birth, residence of parents, date of profession of faith, dates of departure or death, and lists of any diplomas recieved.

7. PROFESSED PRIESTS AND SEMINARIANS, 1830-1899, reel 1 (#043-045), 5 pages.

List of Notre Dame priests and seminarians living in the Notre Dame Holy Cross House. Twenty-seven names are chronologically listed on two pages by date of entry into the order. Included are names, places and dates of birth, parent's occupation, occupation engaged in upon entrance to religious life, date of recieving the habit, religious name, date of profession, how employed as religious, and date of death or departure.

9. CATALOG OF THE MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY, 30 June 1845 - 1 January 1887, reel 1 (#048-053), 32 pages.

Names of members of society, including place and date of birth, parents occupation, profession upon entering the order, date of entrance into the order, date of taking the habit, date of profession, how employed, and date of departure. Names are listed at first alphabetically and later chronologically by date of entrance into the order.

28. CENSUS OF NOTRE DAME, 1846-1854, reel 2 (#154-161), 43 pages.

Census written in Latin with lists of permanent residents of the Notre Dame community. The first 15 pages list the individual's name, age, and father's name; the rest of the volume is a year by year list of names, perhaps intended to be added to the census.

8. CATALOG OF DECEASED, 1846-1857, reel 1 (#045-047).

Chronological list of deceased members of the Holy Cross community (including Latin inscription denoting age at and date of death) signed by Father A. Granger, the Superior General of the Holy Cross Order. Deaths are listed chronologically.

38. HOLY CROSS SISTERS, no dates, reel 3 (#163-172).

Lists of Sisters under the Department where they worked, including name, age, date of entrance into the order, and comments on working ability. Jobs listed include Sacristans and jobs in the clothing rooms, culinary department, laundry, and tailoring.



Minutes of the meetings of the Provincial Chapter. The Chapter, meeting yearly at the Provincial House, is composed of the Provincial President and the Superior General of each house, and meets "every year before General Retreat to examine if the ordinances of Superior General visit has been fulfilled, to report to Ste. Croix, to examine accounts of the Province, petition expulsion of professed members, [and] maintain uniformity of teaching in our schools among those on Board." Minutes often appear in French and deal with such issues as finances, provincial elections, clothing for CSC members, and discipline. Entries are signed by Father Sorin, Father Granger, or Father L'Entouneau and the various members of the chapter.

30. PROVINCIAL CHAPTER OF THE PROVINCE OF NOTRE DAME, CHIEF HOUSE NOTRE DAME DU LAC, 1857-1863, reel 2 (#162-178), 56 pages; 31. PROVINCIAL CHAPTER OF THE PROVINCE OF NOTRE DAME, CHIEF HOUSE NOTRE DAME DU LAC, 1865, reel 2 (#179-end), 57 pages; 46. MINUTE BOOK OF THE PROVINCIAL CHAPTER, 1865-1880, reel 4 (#036-054); 32. PROVINCIAL CHAPTER, 16 August 1881 - 18 July 1916, reel 3 (#001-044); 33. PROVINCIAL CHAPTERS, 2 July 1918 - 25 June 1945, reel 3 (#044-090).


Minutes of the meetings of the Provincial Council. The Provincial Council, meeting when necessary, served as the advisory board to the Provincial, and was made up of the Provincial's Assistant, the Steward, and two members appointed by the Superior General. Topics discussed include finances, provincial elections, dismissal of members from the order, the CSC seminary and noviates, and CSC missions.

34. PROVINCIAL COUNCILS, 6 August 1857 - 25 January 1858, reel 3 (#090-091); 47. PROVINCIAL COUNCIL, Vol II, 30 November 1866 - 14 February 1870, reel 4 (#055-063); 48. PROVINCIAL COUNCIL, Vol III, 1870-1880, reel 4 (#064-073); 49. MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS OF THE PROVINCIAL COUNCILS, 23 August 1886 - 19 August 1906, 127 pages, reel 4 (#074-095); 35. PROVINCIAL COUNCIL RECORDS, 1906-1927, reel 3 (#092-136).

C. MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS OF THE MAIN NOTRE DAME ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL (called the Minor Chapter and later the Local Council), 1842-1925.

Entries for meetings generally held every several weeks and signed by Father Sorin until 1890 and then by the President of the University. Subjects dealt with include virtually all matters pertaining to the operation of the University, including construction, building repair, discipline problems, assignments of duties, and financial matters. A weekly cash statement is sometimes included.

14. FIRST COUNCIL BOOK- NOTRE DAME, September 1842 - July 1845, reel 1 (#099-105), 35 pages; 15. MINOR CHAPTER (later Local Council), 3 October 1848 - 1852, reel 1 (#106-123), 105 pages; 16. MINUTES OF THE LOCAL COUNCIL, 16 April 1855 - 25 April 1865, reel 1 (#123-155), 219 pages; 50. LOCAL COUNCIL, 1865-1874, reel 4 (#095-126); 27. COUNCIL MINUTE BOOK (local or administration), 17 September 1875 - 1 January 1884, reel 1 (#155-189), 217 pages; 18. COUNCIL MINUTE BOOK (local or administration) 1 February 1884- May 1890, reel 1 (#190-191), 8 pages; 19. LOCAL COUNCIL, 1884-1890, reel 2 (#001-022), 145 pages; 20. COUNCIL MINUTE BOOK, 25 July 1890 - 5 October 1898, reel 2 (#022-049), 180 pages; 21. LOCAL COUNCIL, 1898-1908, reel 2 (#049-076), 177 pages; 22. LOCAL COUNCIL, 17 July 1908 - 25 September 1913, reel 2 (#076-099); 23. LOCAL COUNCIL, 2 October 1913 - 11 November 1920, reel 2 (#099-122); 24. LOCAL COUNCIL, 18 November 1920 - 15 October 1925, reel #2 (#122-138).

D. OTHER COUNCILS, 1842-1849.

25. COUNCIL OF THE BROTHERS, 1842-1845, reel 2 (#138-143).

Minutes of the meetings of the Council of the Brothers of the Holy Cross Order, including notes on various assignments of brothers, disciplinary actions, and other matters. Entries are signed by Father Sorin, Father Granger, and others.

26. COUNCIL OF TRADES, 1845-1846, reel 2 (#143-151), 49 pages.

The Council of Trades was established to give a "weekly examination of the expenses, receipts, profit or loss of every shop; reports on the conduct, good or bad, of those employees in the shops and the improvement of every trade." These minutes deal with all these topics. Members of the council, including Fathers Sorin and Granger, are listed on the first page.

42. REGISTER OF THE COUNCIL OF THE PREFECT OF DISCIPLINE, 7 January 1844 - 22 January 1849, reel 3 (#199-204).

Resolutions passed by the Council of the Prefect of Discipline, made up of a President, Father Gousse, a Secretary, Brother Gatian, and seven members taken from the CSC brothers. Entries are signed by either Father Gousse or Brother Gatian. Meetings were roughly held either weekly or biweekly.

43. REGISTER OF THE COUNCIL OF PROFESSORS, Vol. I, 7 January 1844 - 1 April 1846, reel 4 (#001-010), 55 pages; 44. REGISTER OF THE COUNCIL OF PROFESSORS, Vol. II, April 1846 - January 1847, reel 4 (#011-018), 40 pages; 45. PROCEEDINGS OF THE COUNCIL OF PROFESSORS, Vol. III April 1847 - 1 July 1848, reel 4 (#018-025), 39 pages.

Minutes of the Council of Professors meetings held every one to two weeks and taking up matters of discipline, general rules, duty assingments of Professors, distribution of supplies, and academic matters. Decisions are numbered, with roughly ten to twenty decisions per meeting.


Lists, correspondence, and travel reports, dealing with a variety of subjects and including lists of benefactors of Notre Dame, petitions sent to Father Sorin, reports from Provincial visits, and a blessing of the Sister's Chapel at Notre Dame.

3. BENEFACTORS AND FRIENDS OF THE HOUSE, 1841-1855, reel 1 (#019-020), 3 pages.

Chronological list of those making donations to the Holy Cross House at Notre Dame. Lists name of donor, residence, and type and amount of donation.

27. CONTRACTS, 1846-1848, reel 2 (#152-154), 7 pages.

Lists of donations and contracts made by Holy Cross Priests. In French with a preface in English.


Book of transcripts of approximately 20 original letters sent to Sorin requesting that he send Holy Cross Brothers to found or aid various educational institutions. Correspondents include Bishop Patrick Neeson Lynch (1817- 1882) of Charleston, Bishop John Martin Spalding (1810- 1872) of Louisville, and Rev. Thomas O'Toole of St. Patrick's Church in Washington, DC.

36. VISIT TO HOUSES, 1873, reel 3 (#137-143).

Reports of visits to CSC houses at Notre Dame, Layfayette, and St. Joseph College of Cincinati. Included are mentions of community run schools, problems at the various institutions such as lack of room in the houses, and evaluations of house leaders.

37. PROVINCIAL VISITORS, 1868, reel 3 (#143-163).

Reports, apparently written by Father Granger, of visits to Notre Dame, St. John's Parochial School in Trenton NJ, Layfayette's St. Joseph's Parish, and St. James School in Bay City, Michigan. Included are mentions of deaths and buildings at the various insitutions as well as reports on the Notre Dame Manual Labor School and the St. Joseph Farm.

39. BLESSINGS AND DEDICATION OF SISTER'S CHAPEL AT NOTRE DAME, 8 April 1881, and 4 September 1924, reel 3 (#172-173).

A 1881 letter dedicating the sister's chapel at Notre Dame and a 1924 letter from the Vatican to the Bishop of Fort Wayne allowing stations of Cross to be built in the isolation hospital at Notre Dame.


Names, dates, amounts of donations and addresses of "Spiritual Pilgrims to Lourdes" to whom pictures were apparently sent upon receipt of a donation.

41. RECORDS OF THE FIRST SUBSCRIBERS TO "ANNALS OF OUR LADY OF LOURDES", 1882-1885, reel 3 (#178-198), 128 pages.

Names and addresses of subscribers to "Annals of Our Lady of Lourdes" published monthly by the Confraternity.


  • 1841-1945.


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