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"The River Roe"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5337c4f3-6ff4-4afd-8b7c-caed79b120d8

"The Robber Outwitted"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 19f4e396-cfe9-4969-970f-07b69d8e2564

"The Shamrock Green" and "Blow the Candle Out"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2fc8234c-215b-4337-8efc-0f854a5df086

"The Single Young Man Lodger"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4afc69f1-af35-480c-ac08-85b56e598acc

"The Skipper and Boy" and "Sodger Laddie"

 Digital Record
Identifier: feee7555-6fad-4798-a3d0-2d7d94ddecb0

"The Sorrowful Lamentation of Andrew Carr. . ."

 Digital Record
Identifier: 400b7415-d87c-4761-b8ef-61fd0ca5512b

"The Star of Erin's Isle"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 86db3223-cb54-40ad-9705-78d27ac941b4

"The Star of Slane" and "General Burke's Dream"

 Digital Record
Identifier: dff1ac05-10c6-43c8-ba83-866ad148c3c3

"The Strike" and "Tramp! Tramp, Tramp"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 380aa728-fd77-45cf-a572-57020670a376

"The Surprising Tree of Knowledge"

 Digital Record
Identifier: d35e899f-b958-4afb-9027-b49b0beed608

"The Sweet Silver Light, Bonny Moon" and "Beautiful Bells"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 382387fa-47f5-490c-9596-d1effb357045

"The True-Lover's Trip over the Mountain"

 Digital Record
Identifier: dc9367b0-5158-4b1b-a89d-7a24e9f9b489

"The Window"

 Digital Record
Identifier: f1a121a2-6851-45eb-9017-41dd1198aee5

Theophilius Parsons, Journal, vol. 2

 Digital Record
Identifier: MSN-EA_8011-02-B-000a.jpg

Theophilus Parsons, Journal, vol. 1

 Digital Record
Identifier: MSN-EA_8011-01-B-000a.jpg

"There was a Man Named O'Sullivan Lived Near Kildare"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 31086aa4-79f2-4527-8973-2fc9b5f0d709

"Things I Do Like to See" and "The Cachuca"

 Digital Record
Identifier: cd9beea9-35e1-45f6-9fd2-f4cba0f6c7e1

Thomas Benton Alexander Diary

 Digital Record
Identifier: c64da414-199f-4176-a02e-0969ef227d53

Thomas Bowen, "Judgement against Daniel Allen, Jr."

 Digital Record
Identifier: d4b9c5f4-971d-41ee-a1dc-c302eefb6c13

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