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"Hagerty's Ball"

 Digital Record
Identifier: c12ed4b1-9769-45bc-9d79-325b783f16aa

Henry Pitts, "Presentment against Ebenezer Hodges," Recto

 Digital Record
Identifier: 67776476-2593-4cba-9375-f78d0e50349f

Henry Wirz, Letter [Carroll Prison, Washington, D. C.]

 Digital Record
Identifier: ca564e86-83ed-43ff-a39c-4f484e07343c

Henry Wirz, Letter [Old Capitol Prison, Washington D.C.]

 Digital Record
Identifier: 85c6ed64-2749-444f-a99c-b4664303c9e7

Henry Wirz, List of Witnesses

 Digital Record
Identifier: ced87d99-6a62-4a80-a4d5-64ee103542cd

Hezekiah Luther, Jr., Edward Slade, Town Meeting Warrant

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1142a1fd-da0a-4ce6-8ce5-a95d7b540fb2

Hezekiah Luther, Jr., Enoch Chase, et al. Marriage Notice

 Digital Record
Identifier: 16cb915c-be40-44ac-a599-3729db75df4c

Hezekiah Luther, Jr., et al., Joseph Cole Estate Inventory

 Digital Record
Identifier: af4858ea-3ca7-4227-b25e-5b535a61515c

Hezekiah Luther, Jr., et al., Town Meeting Warrant, Recto

 Digital Record
Identifier: 93a865cc-eebb-4178-b8d1-036f2e2733de

Hezekiah Luther, Jr., Notice of Proprietors Meeting, Recto

 Digital Record
Identifier: a67f93ba-c499-48df-84df-0761a6f72e5f

Highway Committee Report, Recto (MSN/COL 2718-47)

 Digital Record
Identifier: c44b0ceb-8b80-4064-ab6a-07449ed04bb5

Highway Committee Report, Recto (MSN/COL 2718-48)

 Digital Record
Identifier: be7814d2-f1f1-4ece-b2c7-c0a09f0e30e0

"Homeward Bound," and "Sally in our Alley"

 Digital Record
Identifier: cf50e2e2-6dcc-4c70-b1fa-b08b71b8d998

Hugh Cole, Trustees Receipt, Recto

 Digital Record
Identifier: e4840505-c51d-4170-9c22-4069b5f0bc23

"Hymn on the General Judgment Day"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9b388246-412a-437f-9cc1-1b94bd388de6

"I Vowed I Never Would Leave Her"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1d7d692e-ffab-4661-bfb0-5f5e94701806

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